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Gabrielle Applebury

Marriage and Family Therapy Intern























Gabrielle Applebury

  • Specialties

    Equine Assisted Counseling


    Narrative Therapy

    Structural Family Therapy

    Emotionally Focused Family Therapy

    Mindfulness Based Approaches

  • Approach

    My Approach


    My goal is to treat you with the utmost respect, kindness and empathy. Together, we will create a treatment plan that aligns with your goals, and explore different ways to reach them at your chosen pace. Instead of fostering therapist dependence, we will work towards your ability to self-reflect, problem solve and live your life in a meaningful way.




     Specific Issues I'm Skilled at Helping With


    I treat the core of your trauma, so you can heal as completely as possible. Trauma can feel like a life changing event, but can also be something smaller scale that you may not realize is negatively impacting you. Traumatic memories may manifest as anxiety, depression, PTSD, complicated grief, or addictive behaviors. You have the option of coming into my office for treatment, or out on a peaceful ranch. There, we have our five horses used for equine assisted psychotherapy(groundwork with horses), as well as Equine Focused EMDR(on horseback). These methods are incredibly powerful and evidence based.

  • Why Therapy?

    Often times, making the first appointment is the most challenging. Thoughts may flood your mind about whether or not you feel comfortable opening up to someone you do not know. It is completely normal to feel anxious about this.


    It is my job to help you feel safe, and comfortable throughout your therapeutic process, as we work together to unpack the trauma that is interfering with your ability to live life abundantly.


    I will work closely with you to identify what is keeping you stuck and offer specialized, trauma-focused treatment, which includes eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP), in addition to traditional talk therapy that is helpful in exploring negative core beliefs and thought patterns, leading to insights that will be helpful in effecting change.  These treatments are evidence-based and are highly effective in relieving, reducing, and resolving the effects of trauma.

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